Day 30: Yes on 100

Day 30:

With all the news surrounding next May¹s Special Election in Arizona to help fund education we thought it was a great time to highlight our victory from the May 2010 Special Election. A great team win that we were proud to lead! 

Day 8 - Employee Highlight: Jason Lyons

IWS Employee Highlight: Jason Lyons, Technical Director

In the 11 years with this company, Jason has played a vital role to IWS, developing our firm's Content Management System and by continuing to keep up with the ever-changing technology to better serve our clients. Thank you for all you do, Jason! 

Day 2 - Client Sharing Presentation

Every week, one of us at IWS gives a presentation on something cool or interesting that’s happening in our line of work (Marketing/Advertising/Public Affairs/Tech/Design). We also discuss new projects we are working on and brainstorm fun ideas for upcoming campaigns. This weekly presentation gives us a chance to learn new skills and brush up on old ones and also keeps everyone in the loop about client projects.

Here's a great presentation that IWS Web Developer, Justin Yingling, shared on tools, tips and tricks for account managers, marketing specialists, designers and developers, that made all of our lives a little bit easier! 


Decoding a Developer

I sat down with IWS Web Developer, Justin Yingling, to learn about the world of development, his inspirations, and what's trending for 2015.

What inspired you to become a developer?

In 2005 a friend of mine came to me asking if I knew how to build a website, I said no but I’ll learn how. Within a few months time, I had finished building my first website. After developing the first site, I was hooked. I was addicted to learning more and wanted to see how far I could go. After years of dedication, sleepless nights, and lots of patience, here I am.

What’s the hardest thing about working in the development world?

I think change, time management, and patience are some of the hardest things when it comes to being a developer.  Development is complex and very time consuming. There’s always plenty of revisions and unexpected bugs that need to be worked out. Plus, you need to make sure you hit your deadlines, so there are plenty of late nights spent on the computer.

What is the biggest thing that has changed in the industry since you got started?

I would have to say responsive design. Responsive design has impacted all of us including designers, advertisers, marketers, and much more.

What’s a popular trend that you see for 2015?

I think modern websites and responsive design are still some of the largest trends that have been carried over from 2014. Especially with more wearable technology, like Apple Watch and Google Glass. Some other big trends include motion UI, single page websites, and paralax websites, which are becoming more popular. My personal favorite is Google's Material Design. Google's new UI is visually pleasing, it's simplistic and clean all the way around. I would have to say that their UI has definitley changed the game when it comes to user experience and delivering a pleasing look across all platforms.

What is one thing that you would like to see change in the development world?

I would like to see all email clients support responsive design - I’m sure all developers would agree. Email development is one of the most tedious and the least flexible when it comes to handling custom email designs that need to be responsive and compatible across all desktops and devices.

What resources do you use to stay on top of development trends?

I research everyone and everything. I like,,, and to name a few.

Is there a particular website that does something unique with development that people should check out?

One of the coolest sites that I’ve seen is by Robby Leonardi. He developed a really cool Super Mario Bros. themed interactive resume website. Check it out!

And lastly, what's your drink of choice?

I'm a beer guy, so a few of my favorite brews include Grand Canyon Pilsner, North Coast Scrimshaw and Blue Moon - without the orange.

Justin Yingling brings over seven years of experience in development, design, and digital marketing. Justin is a well-rounded and self-taught web developer that loves to keep up with the latest trends. He’s always looking to improve his skill set, and loves developing on WordPress and GetSimple CMS platforms. In his free time, he loves doing photography and spending time with his family and friends.

About the Author: Nicole Momont heads a variety of accounts at IWS ranging from local non-profit organizations to entertainment and retail businesses. She oversees social media and online digital efforts, website launches, media buying, public relations and email marketing; managing everything from strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and on-going analysis.