Look out YouTube, Twitch is coming for your content strategy. Amazon’s Inc.’s game-streaming site is beginning to ink lucrative deals with online influencers, media companies and…Will Smith? In an effort to attract some of YouTube’s viewership, Twitch is now partnering with successful online content creators, big brands and celebrities to live stream. With about 15 million users per day, Twitch is said to have set a goal of $1 billion for new advertising sales. Learn more about Twitch here.  


Snapchat is collecting data on a user’s location, not just where, but when! This new data series has been labeled ‘Footprints’ and provides a look into a user’s behavior making this optimum for Snap ads. Learn more about it here

Why Infographics Are Important

We love a good infographic here at IWS! We believe they’re a great way to provide shareable content across multiple platforms and here is a must read if you’re looking for ways to build stronger relationships with your customers. Don’t forget to ask us how we can create a custom infographic for your brand.

What Are Your Apps Allowed To Do?

We use mobile apps for everything. From ordering food, communicating with loved ones, managing your finances, to keeping up with current events and social networks. So, It’s important to understand what access apps have to our personal information. Click here to learn how to audit your permissions on iPhone, Windows, and Android devices and take back control back over your data.

Un Plug

Soon, with the push of one button you’ll be able to mute all Facebook notifications! Perfect for un-plugging and taking time to enjoy summer fun. Click here to read about what is on the horizon for Facebook. 

7 Reason Why Your Brand Needs A Social Media Strategy

We all know how important social media can be to help market your brand or business in today’s competitive marketing environment. But do you have a plan or cadence for where or how you post? Learn why you need a strategy to be effective, and make your efforts worthwhile with these seven reasons why. Click here to learn