Snapchat is collecting data on a user’s location, not just where, but when! This new data series has been labeled ‘Footprints’ and provides a look into a user’s behavior making this optimum for Snap ads. Learn more about it here

5 Social Media Marketing Lessons From Netflix

Have you ever wondered how Netflix got to be the market leader in streaming media? It wasn’t by accident. Check out this great article from Adweek that details 5 marketing lessons from the video-streaming powerhouse.

What Makes A Brand Iconic?

Experts say iconic companies take the shiny new idea and apply it against their existing business, where they already have iconic franchises or strengths. We as marketers can learn a lot from this! Read more here.

Why Infographics Are Important

We love a good infographic here at IWS! We believe they’re a great way to provide shareable content across multiple platforms and here is a must read if you’re looking for ways to build stronger relationships with your customers. Don’t forget to ask us how we can create a custom infographic for your brand.

Google Re-Brands Ad Products

Google is rebranding it’s advertising offerings to help small business better use the company’s marketing platforms. The biggest change is the service formerly know as AdWords will now be Google Ads. Google will also be making use of “Smart” campaigns that use advanced machine learning tools to optimize campaigns and generate better results. Will these changes encourage more small business to try online advertising? Click here to learn more.


From automation to data mining - Forbes breaks down the top strategies that are shaking up the world of marketing. Read more about the trends here.