Memorial Day Remembrance

This Memorial Day take a moment to remember and honor those who served the ultimate sacrifice. May the extraordinary service and courage of all of those who have fought and served our country never be forgotten.

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Selfie Danger

Capturing the perfect selfies seem to be all the rage. In fact, it is estimated that 17 million selfies are uploaded to social media every week. But this fun, simple action has doctors warning of an increase in head lice. Just reading this article has us scratching our scalp. Consider yourself warned. Yuck!

Starbucks Skilled Marketing Strategy

A daily cup of joe can be a small indulgence, but the habit can add up! Starbucks has a skilled marketing team who has thoughtfully figured out how to make their customers spend more money. Read about their interesting marketing strategy here

Google Innovations

Apple has dominated the mobile phone world for a while now, but they might start shaking in their boots. At this year's annual I/O Developer Conference, Google revealed a cascade of exciting innovations to their Google universe. Click here to read about the areas that Google is crushing Apple and how the industry experts think Apple will answer.

Happy 60th Anniversary Play-Doh

For 60 years Play-Doh has been adding to children's imaginations and with the help from DDB Paris, Play-Doh has released “In the World of Play-Doh,” a print and poster campaign that is quite impressive. In their campaign, which took 10 months and 948 pots to complete, they bring to life the world of Play-Doh.  Happy 60th Birthday Play-Doh! Thanks for always bringing out the kid in us! Read more about it here.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology seems to be the next big thing in guest experience. Seamless customer experience vs. privacy concerns seems to be the questions. Click here to find out the key considerations for companies looking to integrate wearable technology when designing customer experiences. 

Marvel Universe

With all the new Marvel movies coming out this year, the superhero stories and timelines can get a bit confusing! Here is The Ultimate Viewing Order to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to help you get it all straightened out before the new flicks hit the theaters.