Jen McGlasson

Jen McGlasson

Operations Manager

You know how every place has one person who does a little bit of everything – and keeps the place running? At IWS, that’s Jen McGlasson.

Jen ensures that the IWS team can keep up with the ebb and flow of business by managing our operations, accounts receivable and human resources.

Prior to IWS, Jen worked as the Special Assistant to the Arizona Secretary of State where she wrote speeches, advanced events and handled the Secretary’s calendar. Later, she joined Hospice of the Valley, handling Public Relations, the Speakers Bureau and the organization’s various monthly publications. She also managed its Internet and Intranet content. Jen got her first taste of political and legislative public affairs at HighGround.

As a graduate from Arizona State University in Broadcasting, her background allows her to bring a fresh perspective to IWS’ projects – and helps her make sure every aspect of the business is running smoothly.